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    They are scammers improvising the godaddy support. Be aware, these piece of $h!t minds think they can lure clever people. Be clever and hang up on those.

    Caller Name: Greg
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    I recently bought a domain from GoDaddy's site and now get all sorts of solicitor by phone 613-699-8008 and text# 2125984625    it's some web building g company and its Bs I'm pretty sure it said they don't sell your info all the hippa crap well huh I guess they do so don't answer it the text says last hour to buy a Animated business video for $399.00 click to activate ?So kinda scary to think they may have my CC info and if I clicked they would charge me for something I don't know what it is or want I plan to call GoDaddy and b:-tch at them for this happening I'm sure they will deny it but will see what happens the last call I answered from 613 number they hung up on me and that p-$ses me off so plan to call back tomorrow and screw with them like act like I will be interested and make them start the process then say fuk off! It's a SCAM don't be fooled

    Caller Name:
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    yup Steve lies lots total scammer

    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    Steven is a lying piece of $h!t probably affiliated with these scammers. Claiming to be Microsoft Technical Support.

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    its top quality, authentic and affordable technical assistance to customers belonging to different walks of life. Within a very short passage of time..... I'm very happy with the services....

    Caller Name: Simon
    Caller Type: Survey Call
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