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Other Commercial (1 time)
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    Scam they steal your money

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    The caller said that I received a free grant. I don't have to pay it back. My grant amount $9000. I call get it sent to me via Western Union or Direct Deposit. Then I was given a number to cal: 646-975-9464 and to speak to a Senior Account Agent. I am supposed to give them a code that the first number gave me. Then, they will, "release my money. The foreign voice on the first line rambled off an address in N.Y. 33........New York 01004. I did not call the number immediately so, they called me back an hour later. I did not answer.

    Caller Name: Grant Confirmation
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    bloody a$$h-le calling left right my number...mother f:-ker... almost 10 times    I got calls......anyway now this bloody number is blocked

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    I haven't picked up the call, my caller is says suspected spam. They had called 8 times in one day. Now they call me at least 4 times in one day. It's been like this for 4 days straight, with no voice mail left behind. It's getting really annoying.

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    Constantly calls, so far 5 today. no voice mail left I    will not pick up if I don't know who it is.

    Caller Name: N/a
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