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California, US

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Scam Call (16 times)
Prank Call (6 times)
Other Commercial (5 times)
Debt Collector (3 times)
Telemarketer (3 times)
Fund Raiser (1 time)
  • #54

    Do not have skype phone, only landline, # is blocked, they continue to call. Dont really give a f--''' what or who they are

  • #53

    My mom got a call tonight asking her for confirmation on what they had as a email account. After saying yes, they ask her to log into her computer and type in Her screen then went red and said that her browser didn't support it and not to log in. After that they ask twice if she had a anti-virus. After answering yes twice they hung up.

  • #52

    scam, beware. the man called and asked if I am using xyz email account? and if I am travelling ? scary.

  • #51

    This guy called me yesterday, said he was from Microsoft. He said y compur was full of spyware and other things. Asked me to pay for these things to be removed. I told I didn't have any money, he said well, he would take care of it for FREE!. I was to slow and dam if he didn't do it himself on my computer. Tonight he called and said Microsoft had gotten hacked and he wanted to give me my money back. I said I didn't give you any money , he said we took it out of your bank. To late to call the bank, of course, so I hung up on him. So now I have to go to the bank in the morning and see what the hell they have done!!!!!

    Caller Name: Jack Spencer 85
    Caller Type: Scam Call
    • Betty  (North Richland Hills, United States)  2015-07-07 10:03 pm#1

      I have gotten about 15 calls from this number. They want to refund my money for computer service I had purchased on line.    They told me I had paid for the service with my bank card.    I do not use my bank card because I do not have a debit or ATM card.    I told them they were trying to scam me.    Each time they call the refund keeps getting bigger it started at $149.00 now it is $299.00.    I told them to stop calling me I keep hanging up on them.

  • #50

    Wanted to get into my computer - what a scam.

    Caller Name: SKYPE USER
    Caller Type: Scam Call
  • #49

    Caller ID Skype User. Lady named Vena called our company and left message
    about fallowing up on a Quote for work and needs to know if we are licensed.
    Gave call back number 626-593-9193

    Caller Name: Vena
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
    • Anonymous  (Las Vegas, United States)  2015-04-28 9:26 pm#1

      It's a Scam!!! Just got a call from this people. Guy had a Indian accent and poor connection after getting a pop up screen in my apple computer saying they were from Apple??? The nerve of this scammers. They try to get you log in a website ( and provide access to all your personal info. If you see this number don't answer and post a comment to help the next person that has to deal with this.

  • #48

    Got a call from this guy a little while ago from number 661-748-0240, asked me if my computer was working ok. I told him it was working fine. He then said that My Window Vista was not working. Well I am on Windows vista right now and it working fine. Just another scam. How can we stop these people from calling us?

    Caller Name: Jiwonsubba16
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
  • #47

    Called and hung up. 1st time. Other comments say it is a Skype #. + 661 area code was from a phishing site.

    Caller Name: none
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
  • #46

    bogus call from 661-748-0240

    Caller Type: Scam Call
    • back to ya!  (108.182.43.*)  2014-10-20 8:41 pm#1

      I just got a call from 661-748-0240 caller said he was from dell and that my warranty is about to expire and do I want to upgrade.    I was following his lead to see where this was going to lead to so I said not at this time he says o.k. then he asks if my computer is working fine I said yes he says let me check for you to make sure is working fine.    At this point I am having fun with this IDIOT.    I reply that I just told him my computer is working fine. He says o.k. then I interrupt him and ask, let me have your phone number and name so that I can call you back to work on this, he puts me on hold and the phone disconnects. In the meantime I am gathering all this information to make out a report.    He calls me back says his name and continues to attempt to reel me in.    He asks me to verify my model number of my computer which I replied, that may be it, he says good then he asks again if he can check my computer to make sure is working properly.    I replied again that my computer is working fine.    This guy is really trying hard.    I in turn ask him for his direct number and his Dell badge number he puts me on hold.    I already knew from the beginning that this was a scam but I was trying for a much information I in turn can get out of him, he gets back on the phone relates his badge number and phone number I tell him I will get back to him but before hanging up he ask can he call me back the following day I said sure.    In the meantime I will call my nearest precinct for a trace call on this idiot and call the FCC, FBI and whomever is trying to track all these false idiots because I have nothing better to do than to do the same to them.

  • #45

    Called 8 times within a 10 minute span. Phone was only answered twice, and caller with an accent claimed to be Dr. Phil.

    Caller Name: Skype Caller
    Caller Type: Prank Call
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