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Area Code:
California, US

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Scam Call (16 times)
Prank Call (6 times)
Other Commercial (5 times)
Debt Collector (3 times)
Telemarketer (3 times)
Fund Raiser (1 time)
  • #24

    My grandma just recieved a call from this number today. They said it was her grandson and he went on vacation to Mexico with a friend and were arrested. He said DO NOT tell my mom. He said he was at the American embassy and needed money. When she questioned him because he didnt sound like her grandson, he became mad. She asked what his middle name was. He didnt answer. He told her if she didnt send the money he would send someone to her house to kill her. She hung up and called the police... they said some of these callers DO show up in the night!! That is scary!! He said if you hear a knock on the door at night call 911... or if someone you dont know pulls up to your house make sure everything is locked before they see you and call 911. What is sad is my cousin (the supposed caller) doesnt even live in our area and never has. He knew her address and my grandpas name, AND he knew my mom lived next door!! idk what to think of that

    Caller Type: Scam Call
  • #23

    :( I am sick and tired of this phone number calling me

  • #22

    answered, they hung up.

  • #21

    :The caller has called so many times asking to help with credit card debt. Moments ago he called & said I was beautiful & so was my child. I have never given him any information other than my name, he then proceeds to tell me he looked me up on Facebook...scaring stuff.

    Caller Name: Don
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
  • #20


    Caller Type: Debt Collector
  • #19

    Called me ealier. I didn't answer.

    Caller Name: NA
    Caller Type: Debt Collector
  • #18

    Political fundraising call

    Caller Name: Heather
    Caller Type: Fund Raiser
  • #17

    I was contacted by someone at this number that I will be working as a representative and wire money that is received via my paypal account.

    Caller Name: Polina's worker
    Caller Type: Scam Call
  • #16

    recvd call from Kern stating the IRS gave a 800 518 4726 to call back its for federal grants... but dialed from 661 748 0240

    Caller Name: kern
  • #15

    today i received a call from this phone number, but woth me, it was about Direct TV, I am keeping a log to see if there will be anymore phone calls

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