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Coshocton, OH
United States
Mobile, 43812
Coshocton, Eastern
Alltel Communications, Inc. - Oh

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Telemarketer (2 times)
Other Commercial (1 time)
Political Call (1 time)
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    Currently, this number is being used by the Tea Party Victory Fund. I listened to the canned, quickly read rant against Hillary/Obama, agreed that if Hillary won, the country would be Communist within 6 months, told them I expected to vote for Trump, asked how the money was used (they couldn't really answer), then pledged $100. Oh yeah - my CC is not in commission right now, so you'll have to send me an invoice by mail and I'll send a check...sure I will...

    Caller Name: Tea Party Victory Fund
    Caller Type: Political Call
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    Called and asked for someone NLE with us.    The woman was incredibly rude.    I transferred the call and she hung up in seconds.    We have caller ID so I called back and hit 9 to have our number removed.    Supposedly this will be done within 24 hours.    Everyone needs a job in these economic times and I don't hate telemarketers but I do hate when people call me and then act rude.

    Caller Name: Female
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
    • Sick Of It  (New Bloomfield, United States)  2015-05-01 8:51 pm#1

      I'm sorry, but I'm a little more hardcore in my attitude. Yes, the phoners are "just making a living" - if my "job" was to bang trash can lids all night long in front of your house, would the fact that it is my job make it OK? My tactics come from the thought that anyone who calls, disrespecting the National DNCR is FAIR GAME.
      *Keep them on the line as long as possible - feign interest. Time = money
      *Give them phony information - name, address phone # (yes, they sometimes ask for this...?), CC#, etc.
      *Ask them to MAIL you something - extra cost incurred
      *Set up an appointment and then either don't be at home or (much more satisfying), when they arrive tell them you've changed your mind.
      *Get as much info sbout the company as possible and file a BBB complaint against them (Unethical Sales Practices”).
      Since the Nat DNCR has no teeth, it is up to us to resolve the problem - if more folks used my methods, telemarketers would eventually dry up and blow away...

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    Called a Government business phone and asked for someone who doesn't work here. I asked them to spell the name and checked the directory of all personnel and no one by that name worked here. Lady got rude and asked again for the guy.

    I called the number back and it says it's ITM Marketing to have them remove the number.

    Caller Name: ITM Marketing
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    Call their carrier and ask for the callers name and intent. File a complaint with    AllTel Communications, their carrier and indicate you are receiving harassing calls, even if they're hang-ups.

    Caller Name: Coshocton Ohio
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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