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Escondido, CA
United States
Landline, 92025
San Diego, Pacific
Mcimetro, Ats, Inc.

- Caller Analysis -

Scam Call (24 times)
Prank Call (20 times)
Other Commercial (12 times)
SMS (6 times)
Telemarketer (4 times)
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    Please do something about this caller

  • #71

    Somebody from this number just called me ten minutes ago. A man with a Radio Voice said both my first and last name and then told me I had won a Charlie Brown Christmas. He said the name of a radio station. I was so confused because 1. I don't live in California, and 2. I didn't enter a contest to win a Charlie Brown Christmas. He played Charlie Brown music. and I hung up.

    I googled this number and found this page and quickly realized it was a scam.

    How did he know my name and get my number?

    Caller Name: Unknown
    Caller Type: Scam Call
  • #70

    I got a call from this number during school, so therefore i didnt answer it. but wen i tryed to call it back it said please try your call again later. i had that happen before to except the caller left a voicemail and they threatened p-$ses me off everytime now. i keep getting calls from landline numbers that i do not know the name of. ARGGGGGG!!!

  • #69

    this is the #(760-705-8888) to contract owner for sales by owner on Zillow    4884 60 Way N Kenneth City Fl, 33709.    The call never go thur    "can't complete your call at this time try again later"    Glad I looked it up!

  • #68

    TO EVERYONE : Make sure that your personal information etc. on Facebook is all view-able by friends and family ONLY. Also make sure that only people you personally know are on your friends list. This is one of the main ways that companies can obtain your personal information.

    AS SOON as I made all my information the calls quickly stopped. :)

  • #67

    hmm i recvd a call from this number didnt answer called twice second time left a message saying it was a test - emergency call hunt line from my job checking our contacts.. hmm not sure but I will not answer, after reading others post. thanks

  • #66

    I received a call from this # as well but it was a test for the emergency call line from my phone, your job suppose to make sure that this hunt is updated with all employees contact information. So it's not a scam or telemarketing, it's your job testing the contact information, however I do not like the fact that they call so late..

    Caller Name: 7607058888
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    Called me, no message. After searching it appears to be Google Talk's generic number, do not give any info over the phone, and just block this number if they keep calling. It's highly unlikely someone you know is using Google to call you.

  • #64

    For the love of God, keep wrintig these articles.

    Caller Name: OybiVcGvbcZiqmmNcdm
    Caller Type: SMS
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    Caller Type: Scam Call
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