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Escondido, CA
United States
Landline, 92025
San Diego, Pacific
Mcimetro, Ats, Inc.

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Scam Call (24 times)
Prank Call (20 times)
Other Commercial (12 times)
SMS (6 times)
Telemarketer (4 times)
  • #62

    je suis très content d’être retrouver dans cette compagnie

    Caller Name: Vedrine
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
  • #61

    This number called me twice on my cellphone. Then he called my landline number. I did not answer all three calls. What is happening? How come he knows both my cellphone and landline numbers?

  • #60

    calls come in middle of the night- somebody needs to unplug him

    Caller Name: doesn't leave one
    Caller Type: Prank Call
  • #59

    Called me and told me I was wasting power of our beautiful Canada and I needed some device. I hung up, and he called back and I hung up. The third time I picked up the phone and he said "Why you hang up on me?" I told him I wasn't interested and he told me that this was a federal government plan and if I didn't take his device I would be charged $130 on my next power bill. I said "yeah, sure". He said, "Ok then we will charge you $130 on your next bill." Then I hung up.

  • #58

    I too have just received a call (ID = 760-705-8888) from east Indian man (hard to understand at times) claiming to be from Canada Computers. He wanted me to go to my computer because it's sending out some kind of nasty messages on the internet ...blah blah blah. Yeah, right. I kept him talking, but I wouldn't turn on my computer. I tried to get from him what they would charge to "fix" my computer, but he wouldn't say. (I've heard of people being dinged for $300 -$600). Eventually he hung up. I think this is a scam. I accused him of that, but he denied it.
    I looked up Canada Computers online but they seem to be a computer retailer -- not likely an internet 'fixer'.
    And the fact that this phonenumber appears to be one that anyone can use, suggests to me that it's more likely a scam.
    Scumbag, more like.

    Caller Name: East Indian
    Caller Type: Scam Call
  • #57

    Called @ 2:08 AM EST, no sound when I picked up, when my husband picked up the other line the call disconnected.    Why is this still going on?    I have seen numerous forums filing complaints on    this number from the past several years.    Some of the posts I have read are really creepy too!!!
    Caller ID: Escondido, CA
    Caller Company: Unknown/ Escondido, CA

    Caller Name: Unknown
    Caller Type: Prank Call
  • #56

    Received this call informing me that my personal information was being uploaded to their computer. I had been warned about this earlier so I just hung up on the guy, he has an east indian accent, very hard to understand. It is a scam, give no information!!!!!

    Caller Type: Scam Call
  • #55

    Received this call informing me that my personal information was being uploaded to their computer.    His voice kept breaking up everytime he tried to explain anything.    I gave him no info.    He hung up and tried calling again later but I didn't answer.    Is this a legitimate call?

    Caller Name: William
  • #54

    Called to talk to my dtr very late at night. When told "no" due to the time, got an attitude with me. i just hung up. Had no idea where the call was coming from.

    Caller Type: Scam Call
  • #53

    f:-k ME please i will give you a hundred dollars

    Caller Name: Guy
    Caller Type: Prank Call
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