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Escondido, CA
United States
Landline, 92025
San Diego, Pacific
Mcimetro, Ats, Inc.

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Scam Call (24 times)
Prank Call (20 times)
Other Commercial (12 times)
SMS (6 times)
Telemarketer (4 times)
  • #52

    When I answered, the guy sounded like he was in a call center, I could hear other people talking behind him. He asked for me by name, and then proceeded to tell me that he noticed my electricity and hydro bill were higher than 80$, and that I could save money (between 60%-80% monthly). He gave my my full address and started talking about this device that I had to plug into an electrical outlet. I interrupted him, asking if I needed to purchase anything - he said, well yes, the device is [incomprehensible amount, sounded like $600 and some-odd dollars). I then said that I wasn't interested and he hung up. The call came from this number, which from what I've read, is a Google number (phone service offered online and powered by Google). The company he mentioned at the beginning of the call sounded like "HydroPower". Not 100% sure, but it sounded like that.

    Caller Type: Telemarketer
  • #51

    This number calls me almost EVERY DAY!! The man has a soft voice and says "hello, hello" and I say "who is this?" and he says he asks if I am mrs Khan. Well, I am...but that is NOT my last name. Then he tries to tell me about a computer version of the holly quaran. I tell him I am Christian and to stop calling. The uglier I am the faster he calls back. Sometimes within minutes. I tell him this is my home and that I will sue him. That I am on the dnc list. He calls again and again and again. Sometimes he says Ayah sallam alaikum...I am not Muslim. PLEASE make this stop!!

  • #50

    If this number is from google then people need to complain because it is very annoying and distracting

    Caller Name: Computer
    Caller Type: Prank Call
  • #49

    I just received a call where the caller new my name then proceeded to swear, use racial slurs, threatening to cut my head off if I didn't stop hitting on his girlfriend who I have no clue who she is. It was very bizarre that he knew my name and race but too bad for him I am not trying or ever was trying to pick his girl up. Hopefully, she is in hiding cause as an up an coming lawyer I plan on suing the company who created this special number!

    Caller Name: tyron
    Caller Type: Prank Call
  • #48

    i work at subbway and they claimed to be from subway headquarters and they asked for my cell number to send a code from a delivery    i googled them and saw rthe results of this number . . should i be worried that they have my phone number?

    Caller Name: david
    Caller Type: Scam Call
  • #47

    called the subway store that i work at claiming they were from headquarters at 8pm hes calling other stores to . in san diego area

    Caller Name: david
    Caller Type: Scam Call
  • #46

    claims to be from dishnetwork donot give him any information or sign up for any thing. Never signup for any thing from an incomming call ask for their phone no and tell them you will call back.

  • #45

    OMG, this guy's name is Guy Google! Heir to the Google fortune!!

  • #44

    security alarm company in indian accent

  • #43

    An indian guy telling me that i signed up for a contest during    christmas last year. He said he was going to give me a number to call someone to claim my prize.

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