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    I have also been victimized. I never authorized fast loans fast or loans 4 u today to hit my bank account for $30.00 twice. That's right they took money from me in Feb. 2013 and about a week ago. I notified the FCC, and the States Attorney's office in NV. I was able to find out that they are located in Reno, NV. Hopefully one of them will do something about this fraud and get our money back. please send an email to Nevada Attorney GeneralCatherine Cortez Masto and the consmer affairs (FCC) to file a complaint if you have been a victim, the only way to fight back is to let the authorities know what this company has done. I have also thought about a class action suit, there are enough of us for that too. Another thought is to contact your local TV news for help, alerting them of the fraud.

    Caller Name: fastloansfast, loans4utoday
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    These people took money our of our bank account, out off my kids mouths, when i find you, and i will,    drive cross country, it may take time, but all i do is drive so i have plenty, you're over. nsf fees, over limit fees, unable to buy ever groceries we needed. ....running won't help you. I'm not calling cops, I'm enlisting a very specialized group of friends i made . No need top look over your shoulder.I'll find you and tell you who i am. Then, we have some fun

    Caller Name: unknown
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
    • Guest  (Des Plaines, United States)  2013-03-26 5:27 pm#1

      They have tried TWICE to get away with this on my account. The best remedy is to check your bank balance daily and go to the bank as soon as you see the fraudulent charge-any reputable banker will help you out when you explain it to them. You may need to close that bank account and open a new one, but it will be worth it if the fraudulent charges stop.

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