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    I purchased airline tickets from an overseas vendor.

    PNC security had called from 800-225-5618. I didn't answer, but called my local branch first and they verified that it was a legit number. Then, I called 800-225-5618 back to the automated system to verify those purchases using my new credit card.

    I'm happy they did so...looking out for me and them.

    Caller Name: 800-225-5618
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    Being very cautious with this type of thing, and since there were so many conflicting answers about this 1-800 # on this website, I was forced to contact PNC using the # on the back of my card. I had made two purchases late last night, and one was fairly expensive, so they were just verifying it was me.    The customer service rep made few clicks to reset everything and I was good to go!    I had even received an email from one of the purchase sites by that time indicating my card was not accepted and when I re-verified my card info, it was already corrected on their end!    So whatever PNC did worked and worked quickly!

    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    Msg said the call was from PNC and to call this number to verify suspicious charges on my card.    I called my PNC cust service number instead.    They didn't have any notes on my file about suspicious activity, and I looked online at my account and it was fine.    
    I'm very suspicious.    Don't call the number back- call your bank instead!!

    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    When I called back the number    1-800-225-5618 the automated message says this is Card security services    (Not PNC or credit card)
    and    asked to confirm my phone number and then enter the last four digits of my credit card. I do no have    a credit card from PNC, but any way entered the 4 digits that they left in my message. Then it asked to confirm if were    person with some name that i could not recognize and then its request pressed 5 It asked    to hold while it transfers my call to a person and I waited for a few minutes and then the music stopped and I hung my phone.

    Caller Name: PNC Bank card security Department
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    Not sure how this can be PNC. Don't have an account with them and never have.

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    I have confirmed that this number is from PNC Visa Card security. I verified by calling their listed number on their website and having their representative relate to me the specifics of the charge that was under investigation.

    Caller Name: PNC Visa card security
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    The first time they called they left an automated voice message stating that there was questionable transactions on my PNC bank credit card. I find this to be very unusual seeming that whenever there is a problem, my local branch contacts me personally and asks me to come to the bank to resolve the problem. Don't ever give information over the phone...

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