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    Same thing happened to me!  I called them back and they said they were looking for my SISTER.  They said they were Allied Interstate.  There is no reason she would list MY phone as her contact.  So I refused to give them information of any kind and told them so.  JUST A REMINDER.DON'T EVER GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION TO ANYONE!  I wouldn't even confirm or deny an address when he recited one for me.

    • NightHaw  (Bellevue, United States)  2014-02-13 1:25 am#1

      Thank you for your posting,I Never answer any caller if I dont known who they are.they has to leave messages for reason they call, and who they want to talk to. They call me several times without left any messages, BEWARE! THIS IS SCAM CALL     800-258-8074

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    Don't even give these idoits your name.    Don't verify anything.    They called for my minor son.

    Caller Name: allied interstate
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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