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    This is company Racism company. I call    costumer service my feel is real Racism.
    I'm not English well some asking about the insurance policy and my insurance something wrong because I go to dental office    but I can't use insurance.    problem is didn't issue. I'm no understand first contact they said include all dental service too.    so I want know about that what happened. first answer the phone lady transfer manager    she's name candy she is so rude. she didn't listen me. just she speak and annoying. other costumer service lady name is susan. she too same rude.
    susan she said "after sell insurance we don't have    Responsibility" I'm so mad .
    I want cancel the insurance with this company also I call Lawyer issue about this happened I want hear    Apologize from this company. I want everybody know about this company real bad.

    Caller Name: alane/candy/susan
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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