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Agoura, CA
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Landline, 91301
Los Angeles, Pacific
Pac - West Telecomm, Inc.

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    Bill called asking for William (dh) and proceeded to tell me that his doctor gave him this number to set up an appointment about CPAP equipment. I acted amuzed considering it was my cell and not William's cell AND we have to completely different doctors in different offices. Then he said he received the information with an email and proceeded to read off MY email. Got rather upset when I suggested he might be a telemarketer. I so said "let me get this straight, you got an order from a doctor I dont see who gave you not only my cell phone number but gave you my email as well?" he said yes. Really? What email did he give you and he read an old email of mine that I dont even use anymore. I ask him when did this come across from the doctor he said today. He said he received confirmation from the email address he gave me. Really? Today? he said yes. I said thats really funny considering I havent use that email since August of 2006. He got upset and said listen I'm not making this up. I laughed and said Im sure your not...well give me your number Bill and I will pass on the message. He said how about you just give me his number so I dont disturb you anymore. Nice try Bill. But for giggles and    Sh@ts lets do it this way...he hung up.    Said he was Nationwide Medical.

    Caller Name: Bill
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
    • PH  (Lafayette, United States)  2018-04-03 8:59 pm#1

      I suspect this was a legitimate call from a medical supply company called Nationwide Medical. (although it was probably a wrong number call when made to you).
      During the year, I receive a lot of legitimate calls from a number that looks like this from Agoura Hills, CA. They make a lot of calls to clients (such as myself), but their personnel are not the sharpest cookies.    So this sounds like it was intended to be legitimate call, but somehow had the wrong number.
      They are not telemarketers or spammers.    They are just trying to contact clients.
      This sounds like it was supposed to be an initial contact with someone (other than yourself).
      Hope that helps.

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