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    They call me about once per day and do imply that they work for the USG. Since I actually do business with USG, I know better and really don't need their service. I've explained this to them many times, but they keep calling...not too bright. I should start invoicing them for the time they make me spend answering their calls (which are usually from a 727 area code)

    Caller Name: Various
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    They list small businesses on an access site for government bids.. however, one rep was incredibly rude (Dale) the other Mike Accosta was polite.    Use caution as I cannot find the company listed anywhere as far as BBB or DNB.    As their website is impressive, the address they have listed physically doesn't match up. Also be wise as they call implying they are with the government (really standoffish) asking for the owner of company- just a ploy to get to the decision maker

    Caller Name: Mike Accosta
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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