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    He's a creepy guy.. he doesnt leave you alone till you change your number.    862-218-3504

    Caller Name: Ken ramnath
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
    • Guest  (Los Angeles, United States)  2018-02-03 11:13 am#1

      I have an E-mail to prove that you even tried to contact me after you wrote this comment. Sick of you liars.

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    Creepy....con artist

    Caller Name: Ken Ramnath
    Caller Type: Scam Call
    • Ken Ramnath  (Los Angeles, United States)  2018-02-03 11:10 am#1

      I have not used this number in many years so don't accuse me... I dont even know you... You are obviously sick

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    REMARKS ABOUT CAT (KATHRYN VOOMSAAL) I also became the vuctim after Cat told me that she was fired from the Military where she claimed to have served as a Military Police & was terminated for kicking & beating US Soldiers. She was extremely proud of it all. I speak the Truth of this. I explained to Cat that I was not interested in a relationship bcuz of my recent divorce at the time. I asked her for her daughter's sake that she should return to her husband who was suffering. By the way, the verbal abuse to Caitlyn, he babygirl is just too much. When we sat together for dinner after work, Cat could not stop screaming at her daughter. NOW WHO IS THE CREEPY ONE! HER CHILD IS NOT SAFE WITH HER BECAUSE SHE TALKS TO HER WITH HATRED.

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