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    I have been receiving 11 digit calls off and on but never wrote the full number down until today. Each time they called the area code was different and the number never stayed on my phone. The person says his name is C Taylor and Steve Taylor. He tells me to call 877-488-7872. Each call is said to be a legal complaint issue. The first time it was about a car I have never even owned. He leaves a case number and states he's a detective or police officer. I contacted the company I have my car through and it's okay. I contacted my local police department and there's nothing out there. Today when he called I was able to write it all down 863-824-52253. From my research this is a scam and I will be contacting my police department again.

    Caller Name: Steve Taylor
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    they want you to answer so they can transfer a ld call using your air time.    do not answer

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