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    I attempted to make an on-line purchase. Did NOT go through, twice. Was told on-line to go back and do it again. I did and it happened again. Minutes I get this Toll Free call from 866-750-9107 talking about unusual "Activity" concerning my Account and wanted to know if I had an account with so & so bank. I copied the # down...and they gave me a code that I didn't "get" down.

    I checked the account on-line and @ that time all was okay. BUT...I had already done a reverse look-up on the phone # and read some comments.

    I Transferred my funds to another account...down to don't have overdraft. So let them try now. Hmmm....???

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    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    This is a scam, they called on behalf of Keesler Federal Credit Union.  I hung up and asked Keesler.  They said that number is a known phisher.

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    Well these "Scam Artist" are still at it.  Have already gotten 3 phone calls today.  Whoever these "scum bags" are, they need to "chill".  We have placed a call to the FBI per our bank and our local telephone service rep., wating for a call back from the FBI.  These type of "scum bags" are too lazy to hold down a job.  If these "scum bags" are every caught, they need to be turned over to "Sheriff Joe".  I am sure most "law abiding" folks know who "Sheriff Joe" is.

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    This is legit. My wife made an over seas transaction over the phone and that raised a red flag with my bank. I, however, did call my bank first after I  googled the  number. My bank verified everything. I still don't think it's a wise idea to give ANY info to third party fraud detectives, you should ALWAYS call your bank to verify!! <p>To The Company: You should realy leave messages instead of calling and hanging up! Idiots.

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