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    The calls are from a company that provides leads to dealerships

    Here is a contact for you at their company:

    This is from Brian at when I contacted "support@elead-crm".

         <quote>"The calls you reference did indeed come from our call center and are designed to help provide information about your inquiry.

         Your privacy and communication preferences are very important to us, and I would like to briefly ask you want prompted you to consider these harassing calls.    Based on the records I have I see that we reached out to attempt to speak with you on 4 separate days at different times in an attempt to reach you.

    Brian Jacobs"<end quote>

    Here is Brian Jacobs' email address at -

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    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    Several calls all asking for a person by name. They seem to think that this was that persons phone number. A variety of voices: old-sounding women, young-sounding women, old-sounding man, etc. The old-sounding man called twice... like he forgot he'd called the day before... Not sure who/what the purpose is. Next time, I'll ask.

    Caller Name: None
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    The company that is doing this is called Car Gurus They harvest the information you provide or someone else provides them and then uses this information to market cars. If you look at their Privacy terms of service it clearly says that they will use your information and provide it to third parties whom they think you might do business with. Even if someone else used your phone number looking for cars you get the annoying calls. They call continuously time and time again and even if you tell them not to call you back they will because they hand out sheets to their employees with your information on it and they keep calling even if you have told other employees to stop. The best thing is to not use car Guru's at all. On their site there is no contact number to call and complain to only an email address. Even if you tell car guru's not to call you they have already given your number to any number of other third parties who might. The only call back number is the number they dialed you from and that number of course is 866-764-4973

    Caller Name: Car Guru's
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    They called but left no voicemail. I created a contact for the number and set it to go straight to voicemail to avoid any other calls from it.

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