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    My story is the EXACT SAME as Deb's above - SAME COMPANY SAME AMOUNT.  Just happened today to me.  Obviously a scam.I'd be curious to see where we both were vulnerable.  The thing is - I haven't used this card in almost a year.. scary.

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    Yes- it's legit.  Citibank left a voicemail asking me to call the number.  I'm not comfortable with calling numbers left on my voicemail, so I used the number on the back of my card.  I was immediately transferred to the fraud department.  Someone had used my card number to purchase more than $30 worth of stuff.  I'm glad Citi caught it, but this is the second time it's happened with this particular card.  I'll be cancelling it anyway.

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    I just had this situation. Citi handles a lot of the cards from other banks. My card is actually through Key Bank, but Citi is the major backer behind it. This is a legit call. My situation was that the Pizza Hut I just ate at was billing out of Kentucky instead of Virginia, where I ate. The charge was legit, though, and Citi early flagged it. They have a great staff.

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