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    it is some cancer recovery thing--I called the number back to find out what it was--I didn't stay on for a pitch.

    • Guest  (Waldoboro, United States)  2013-03-11 12:24 pm#1

      yes, a cancer fundraising group ['put a smile on some kid's face', blah blah....AC? group??].    This call came in shortly after 8A, which is a bit early for this type of call, so [stupid me] picked up....never heard of the group.    asked to be removed from list.    Caller was polite enough.    didn't sound like an automated call.    next time when TOLL FREE is on ID screen I will not pick up!    Caller will leave message IF important [these types usually do NOT lv mess].

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    Another Phone Solicitation Co. scamming money for a charity. They address you by your first name. They obviously purchased a batch of name and numbers from some other business I have had contact with. So now you are actually dealing with two groups of dirty bastards. Unfortunately these call centers fall under the charities umbrella of being a Non-Profit Charity (Tax Exemption 501 (3c) ) and they are not subject to the "FTC Do not call regulations". The sick thing is that the solicitation company keeps 95%+ of funds collected for their fees. The rest goes to the charity. Now you know why you get all sorts of calls looking for donations. Its w:-res scamming and manipulating the law. Just like politicians, Oh they can also call you for campaign    donations and support ... go figure!

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    do not know who this is wish they would stop calling

    Caller Name: unknown
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    They asked for money for children battling cancer

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    Receive calls at least 4 times a day.    They told me they were from a Childrens Cancer Research Center and how they wanted a donation.    I told them I am registered in New York State for the Do Not Call.    They told me that does not apply for them when I started asking why the lady began screaming at me.    Then I told them to take me of the caller list.    That's when she lost it and I did to as well.    Called the number back and some guy answered it with a plain hello. "SCAM"    I will be contacting someone in the New York area about this.    So people if your registered with the do not call they claim it does not apply for them????

    Caller Type: Fund Raiser
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    I got a call from this number who claimed to be representing a Cancer Recovery business soliciting funds for various cancer support programs around the US.    

    As I always do, I asked what percentage of my actual donation would make it to the organization they are collecting for and was told 20% of their proceeds will be donated to the organizations and the rest (80%) is used support their own administrative costs.    

    I politely advised that 100% of the money I give goes to the same organizations when I donate directly.     The lady on the line hung up before I could advise that I'm also on a do not call list with the Federal and State levels.    So I called back and advised (via voice mail)

    1.    my phone number
    2.    that I was on the state and federal do not call list and
    3.    would refer their organization to the state attorney general, the FTC AND the Better Business Bureau if I received any further calls.

    Caller Name: Cancer Recovery
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    Children's cancer fund org.    The caller was very courteous when I requested to be added to the do not call list.
    The only way to get them to stop calling is to answer the call and request it.
    Do not call registry does not apply to charities nor surveyors, unfortunately.

    Caller Name: Children's Cancer
    Caller Type: Fund Raiser
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    This is the most aggressive, annoying "charity" I have ever heard of. They call at 8:30 a.m. It seems as if having an unlisted number means nothing as this collection of mental defectives continues to ask for us by first name (another strike against them). I hope this morning's caller enjoyed the string of F words I unleashed into her earpiece. I am sure that my report to will do nothing as it seems there are unlimited calling numbers.

    Caller Name: Children's Cancer Fund
    Caller Type: Fund Raiser
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    They called and said they were from the Children's Cancer Research Center.
    They asked for my Mother, by name.
    My Mom has been dead for almost 2 years now. I now have this # as my cell.
    What's even crazier is that prior to my Mom's passing she was in a nursing home and her number was then listed under my name and the line terminated at my house under what is called a distinctive ring.
    This was in 2005!
    What old mailing list are they working from?

    Caller Name: Children's Cancer Researc
    Caller Type: Fund Raiser
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    didn't answer no message left. i have had a spate of calls even though i am on both state and national dnc. works about as well as other business regs. in this wild west corporations are people environ.

    Caller Name: none given
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