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    Why would anyone call their number when they are so ashamed of their company that they don't put their name and address on their mailer?    What I don't understand is that First Class mail reqires me to put a return address but this so called business does not need to include a return address.    Frightening!

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    I received a postcard from them as well.    Its a SCAM!    Do not call them.    They would not provide any additional information and kept pressuring me for my personal information.    They are using it to get your information to sell you stuff.    The posting by "Darnell" must be from one of their employees.    If you do a search of the phone number you'll find dozens of complains about his scam.    DO NOT CALL THEM.    People like this are not legit.    If they were they wouldn't be trying to hide behind a postcard with no information about who they are; they also would answer basic questions about who they are and what kind of business they are if you called them.

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