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    Can anyone out there tell me where to start with pushpin?? I got court paper's today to go to court in another state . It for    some thing I don't even have . I have 2 small kids there is    no way I can just up and go to another state

    Caller Name: jenn
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    I don't owe them anything!    The contract signed by you has 3 more pages that you weren't given.    If you got a CC machine you got ripped off.    Ask them to send you a copy of the whole contract you signed.    All 4 paqes.    Check out Class Action Law Suit that was won against them.    SUE THEM!

    Caller Name: gogetum
    Caller Type: Scam Call
    • Guest  (Wolfeboro, United States)  2013-10-03 10:55 pm#1

      There is a clause that said they have to proceed with collections within one year... Mine was dated 12/03.    I am going to ignore them and hope they take me to Court.

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    I received a letter on January 16th saying i owed them $1726.57    for my lease. I closed my store in 2001 and this is 12 years later. Really? I may be dumb but I am not stupid. Then today after I talked to him on the phone it dropped down to $526.70. Oh I don't think so. I sent the machine back to the company in 2001 and they found someone else to take over my lease. This is the first time I have heard anything from them. This screamed of scam the minute I opened the letter. It really upsets me that people have to take advantage of people to make a living. they sure woul;d nt like it if it happened to them. Pay back time!!!!

    Caller Name: Louis Reina
    Caller Type: Debt Collector
    • Guest  (Wolfeboro, United States)  2013-10-03 10:52 pm#1

      Just received a similar letter, business closed in 12/03, statue of limitation expired.    My question is do you respond or ignore these scammers???    I would love to go before a judge and see how they handle that...

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    I also received letters from Pushpin LLC back April 3rd,2012. The last letter dated Feb 7,2013 and a demand threat phone call june 21,2013.    We filed bankruptsy back in 2001 due to the business . The statute of Limitation has run out per our attorney, so dont pay it . It will open a can of worms. Believe    Pushpin said they bought the debit from Leasing Finance Grp or bought out the company.
    I have written a letter to our Attorney Genrals Offc her in California but dont know if they can help or not. Do I need to write to the Federal Trades Comission also ?

    Caller Type: Debt Collector
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    SCAM.    This is the return number that Pushpin Holdings called me on.        They say they will take me to court if I don't pay what I owe.        Since my debt is $0, they can just go pound sand

    Caller Name: pushpin Holdings
    Caller Type: Debt Collector
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    2/28/13-North Carolina

    I received a call from Pushpin Holdings 3 time the week of 2/25/13.    I received a bogus lawsuit letter from them. They claim they were taking me to court.    I called them and agreed to pay $1750. It was originally $3000. I had the machine in 2002. The collector asked me to pay 1500 in Jan 2013, I did and pay 250 by end of Feb. I mailed $250 on 2/25 (postmarked and all). I received a call on 2/28 after hours from a collector saying that contract was null and void, now I owe an additional $250. After I received a contract from them an additional $250, all because I called the collector "inconsiderate". He got mad at me and told me I had to pay an additional $250.    That’s crazy. I said ok, I will make payment over the phone and stop payment on the check I mailed. He said its too late my accountants have left for the day. I stated, why did you wait to call me at 5:36pm and you know your accountants leave at 4pm. He did not have anything to say. Pushpin are crooks. I hope the rot    and the company fail and they close down. Something needs to be done about this company. I am in NC, they are in NY.

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    i have gotten two to fron pushpin holdings. if i remember right they got sue over this and had to pay everybody back . the ftc sue them back around 2004 and now they say i own them. even if i did, which i do not i think time has ran out after seven years    you can not sue , and they know that to.scam,scam,scam just like the frist time all over again. so if you want to play with me i will see you in court. trying to call them now is just like the last time ,.i could never get somebody on the phone and they never call back . i could go on and on about now bad there

    Caller Name: pushpin holdings
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    I received two letters on the same day!    One to my business (which has been closed for two years) and my business name was misspelled, and one to my maiden name that I haven't used in 8 years.    They did not tell me what it was for, but demanded that I send over 2,000 dollars to them via Western Union, or they will sue me.    I reported them to the BBB.

    Caller Name: PushPin Holdings Inc.
    Caller Type: Debt Collector
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    I have also received letters from Pushpin and I had returned the machine with Delivery Confirmation shortly after receiving it because I couldn't use it in the building we were in.    Didn't hear anymore from them for about 3 years then they had debited my bank acct over $2,000.    I caught it in time to stop payment.    That was Lease Finance who have now turned it over to Pushpin.    I don't know if they sold it as a debt or are part of Lease Finance.    Since both are Scams they probably are in it together.    What FTC do you report too?    Can another Lawsuit be started.    Would be willing to be included.    Do they actually follow thru with their threats to take you to court?    Check the BBB for both Lease Finance and Pushpin.    Lease Finance has an F score and Pushpin has a D.    It's got to be really bad to even get the D.    I'm angry and ready to make them pay me!

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    I, too, have received two letters from PUSHPIN HOLDINGS LLC. I have never had a CC machine from them (or any other lease equipment company). I see there's a lot of info on the web about them. The contact info I have is the 888-271-4480 number. The account manager is Carol Henry. Guess I need to learn more about how to deal with scammers.

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