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Scam Call (4 times)
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    BULL$h!t....I wish they would stop harrassing me!

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    I received a missed call from a woman named nancy green saying I had 2 civil suits against me in Riverside county and that I should call her immediately with a case #. I tried calling back and no one answered the phone. Glad to see this is a scam!

    Caller Name: Nancy Green
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    I have received numerous calls from this number and spoken with a couple of different people.    They have informed me that I have committed bank fraud by writing a check against a closed account.    They had my banking information from a former bank.    The date that I wrote this check was after I had moved and closed the account and opened a new one in another location.    I asked who I wrote the check to and asked them to please correspond through writing.    I wanted copies of the check I wrote and any documentation pertaining to this fraud.    I have yet to see anything.    They have threatened to come to my home and serve me with papers and have me arrested.    I contacted my local law enforcement and there was no warrants or anything.    Nancy Green called again today and left a message that my social security number had been forwarded to her office and that I was under investigation for two counts of fraud.    She has a case number that I am to reference.    I just wish they would leave me alone.    They will never get any information from me nor will I pay any amount until I am actually ordered to appear in court.    My attorney, however, as advised me to keep and document all phone calls.    So i am    At the very least I should have a harassment suit.

    Caller Name: Nancy Green
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    This number has called my cell phone several times a week for the past few months. I was advised that it is a
    possible scam so I did not return calls. They then called my seventeen year old daughter, my mother, my mother in law and my father in law.    My mother in law wouldn't give them any info so they threatened her by saying she would be in trouble for obstructing justice. Seriously? They told my mom's husband when he answered that myom was listed as a reference in an arbitration. My mom and I don't speak to each other much bc of her husband so this has added fuel to that fire

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    They called me yesterday and when I got on the phone with them and would not give them any information they said I was rude and hung up on me.    I then called back and after a short conversation I was hung up on again... I called back again and was told I was harrasing her... Really??? They called me 3 times and my mother!!!! They want to talk about harrasing them... After that conversation was finished by me telling her off she then called my place of business and talked to one of my co-workers and asked how they could serve me papers at work.    My co-worker hung up on her and then came and told me what happened.    I called back and talked to her so called supervisor and told her if she EVER called my work back again I would sue the $h!t out of them... I asked what they were calling about and of course they had nothing on file and had to investigate it and call me back. If they know what is good for them they will not do that!!!!

    Caller Name: Nancy/ Melissa
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    'Investigator' Nancy Green implied that I was being investigated for a 'legal charge.'    I said 'you mean a civil complaint,' and it took the wind out of her sails after she realized I wasn't stupid and wasn't buying her attempt at impersonating law enforcement.    She really wanted to pry my address or information from me, but I wouldn't play.    Best to avoid this scammer.

    Caller Name: Nancy Green
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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