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Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Canada

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Other Commercial (1 time)
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    This number magically became my voicemail number today. I even accessed it an deleted messages. I was confused so I called my own phone number. And I got my voicemail? Wtf?

    • Guest  (Dartmouth, Canada)  2013-03-25 9:46 pm#1

      Also works for Koodo    in Nova Scotia

    • carlb  (Kingston, Canada)  2017-10-01 4:33 am#2

      I'm a Telus mobile subscriber in Ontario. I tried calling this number from an Internet telephone with my Caller ID spoofed to be my Telus mobile number and it took me directly to my own mobile voicemail.

      According to the "message" menu on my handset, +1-902-580-4001 is Telus Mobility's voicemail server. It's the number your mobile telephone calls to retrieve your messages. Unless you have "require password when calling from your own handset" enabled, anyone could retrieve or even delete your messages by calling this number and spoofing your number on caller ID. Gotta love it.

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    also works with Koodo in Nova Scotia to check voicemail

    Caller Name: Telus/Koodo
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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