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Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Canada

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    David recorded phone calls to me without consent which is illegal. He then posted the calls on the Internet again without my consent. Not at all certain what his game is but there will be hell to pay if he ever tries to contact me again let me assure you.

    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    From: David Amos
    Subject: Fw: New VM (4) - 1:10 minutes in your magicJack mailbox from 5064537192
    Cc:,, "nb. premier" <>
    Date: Friday, July 6, 2012, 10:27 AM

    Caller Name: GNB
    Caller Type: Prank Call
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    I see that your nasty NB government employee John Green aka G $ of te QSLS website is still cyberstalking my children and I EH MR Minister of Agriclture Mikey Olscamp?

    Veritas Vincit
    David Raymond Amos

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