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Scam Call (2 times)
Debt Collector (1 time)
Political Call (1 time)
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    Called and asked questions about credit card and date of birth/ address/ liscense number

    Caller Name: no info
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    First off, this is a fake call. It is not a legitimate company. I just had this number call me last month. I pressed #9 and asked them nicely to stop calling me. The guy was persistent and tried to tell me that my credit card company hired them. I knew they hadn't, but just to be sure I called my credit card company. I was correct: they don't hire 3rd parties and if they did, they would identify themselves when calling.I reported this one of many calls to
    Today, I received another call. I told the same guy to stop calling me. He persists on telling me that I have a VISA card. I don't have a visa card. I even told him that I was on welfare, yes, I lied, but desperate times call for desperate measures. He kept telling me I had a VISA card. Finally, I said to stop calling or I would report him to the authorities. He then started talking dirty $exual remarks and I hung up.
    This is not a legitimate company. Now, it is harassment and profane, so I am reporting it to FBI, FCC and the phone company. And I will press charges. I'll tell you what...if I could have transported myself through the phone, I'd be in jail tonight for killing this lowlife.
    These calls have to stop and only you and I can do it. Report the calls to, the phone company, the police, sheriff and we will stop them. In order to stop the calls, you need to report them.

    Caller Name: Credit card Holder Services
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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