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United States
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Union, Eastern
Nextel Communications, Inc.

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    this ' job recruiter' is a scam.    NEVER GIVE ANY PERSONAL INFO OVER THE PHONE!!!!     NEVER !!!!! they kept calling me and I never answered the phone and did not open their e-mails either. They stated in their phone message that they have a contracted 18 month job for me and obtained my info from a job posting web site. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM !!!

    Caller Name: radiant systems
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    I just got an email with this phone number 908-279-8899 Ext 451

    I was thinking it was real because of the job description (it is exactly what I do), also the guys is Mubarak Khan (MAK), when I Google his LinkedIn he was somehow linked to one of the connections of my connections. I was about to send them all my information.

    Thank God I Google the number, thank you all for the comments!.

    This is the info of on the email

    Mubarak Khan (MAK)
    Radiant Systems, Inc
    Office : 908-279-8899 Ext 451
    107B Corporate Blvd. | South Plainfield, NJ 07080

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    This company is very suspicious because they asked for the full name as in the SSN, my last 4 digits, and rate on the W2 and the name of the person was Mohammed Abdul Muqeeth Mohammed Abdul from
    I am going to report this people because I never saw recruiter asking this questions. They are trying to do something with your ID and are not telling you.

    Caller Name: Mohammed Abdul Muqeeth
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    This is a recruiting firm, Radiant Systems based in NJ.    They will find your information on a job board and call you 12xs a day.... and once you tell them to stop calling they will wait a few days a start again.    I am a recruiter myself and cannot understand how someone can do business this way.    I will never give this company business or candidates!

    Caller Name: Radiant Systems
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    Caller identified as a job "recruiter" contacted me about a job and wanted personal information in order to continue involvement with filling a job order....    after call, I became rather suspicious...     I hope this is legit...    caller, identified himself as being involved with Radiant Systems, when I investigated, I find Radiant systems as a Computer Information system site....    I'm a little worried...

    Caller Name: ??
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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