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White Plains, NY
United States
Landline, 10601
Westchester, Eastern
Sbc Long Distance, Llc Dba Sbc Long Distance - Ny

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Fund Raiser (7 times)
Other Commercial (1 time)
Telemarketer (1 time)
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    I answered the call and got a message: "A representative will be with your shortly".    I hung up.

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    I am soooooo tired of calls from mod. how can they be stopped? can't they figure out that I do not wish to talk to them when I will not answer the phone? I am on the do not call list. How can the calls be stopped?

    Caller Name: mod
  • #13

    I finally pick up after a month of them calling my # and they had the wrong first name!

    Caller Type: Fund Raiser
  • #12

    I repeat P**sed off message above, MOD keeps calling 2-3 times a day for several weeks now.    They never leave a message.    I am on the do not call list.    Tell them to stop calling me. This is so irritating.

    Caller Name: MOD
    Caller Type: Fund Raiser
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    The one thing that seems to work best when called repeatedly, quickly pick up the phone and hang-up, that seems to be counted as a ‘not interested’ and I have found that the calls stop most of the time.    I keep our cordless close by most evenings to do this procedure.

  • #10

    March of Dime = Waste of time.

    Caller Name: MOD
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
  • #9

    Like each of you, they have started making (what I'd call harassing) calls to my BUSINESS phone line!!!
    I had blocked their last number (914-740-1895) from the last time they called with call screen... and now (as "MOD") they again call and pester me! They need to get it that if they fail the first time they WON'T get anywhere any time after!!!! Even if I wanted to donate, I couldn't... not these days anyway!!! They've lost that now with their incessant calling ... on more than one number!!!

    Caller Name: MOD
    Caller Type: Fund Raiser
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    Calling at various times of day.    I refuse to answer and now that I know it's March of Dimes, I certainly will not donate to them.    I don't care if it is charity, I want them to stop calling.

    Caller Name: MOD
    Caller Type: Fund Raiser
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    I received several calls from the 914-740-1895 and put a call block on it.    The next day I started receiving calls from 914-740-1897 so I added that one as well to the call blocking.    Now, days later, I have started receiving calls from 914-3689-2551! In the past I have told them both nicely and not so nicely NOT TO CALL ME!    How could these people possibly not understand that I do not wish to hear from them?????    My mother suffered from ALS and all the March of Dimes did for her was send her a magazine and ask her to come to the studio to answer phone calls during their telethon!    Yes, they requested that a woman who could not move or speak travel 30 miles to answer telephones!!!!    They will NEVER get a dime from me.

    Caller Name: March of Dimes
    Caller Type: Fund Raiser
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    Got a call from them last nite, I agree with everyone else they will not get a dime of my charity monies I give.

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