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    i am missed callback own country.checkup.

    Caller Name: 940049641
    Caller Type: SMS
    • parvathy  (New Delhi, India)  2017-06-10 7:14 pm#1

      crytasred to wins

    • parvathy  (New Delhi, India)  2017-06-10 7:14 pm#2

      crytasred to wins

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    This is a call from the state of Karnataka in India. It seems the caller ID has been withheld as it is only the country and std code.

    I saw only +91811 on my caller ID. Call had been diverted to my mobile which gives full ID compared to landline, so I said "Hello?" without giving my name.
    A lady with a strong Indian accent said she understood I had had an accident.
    I asked her where she had got this information (There should be no publicly available record in the UK of specific people who have been in accidents and my last accident was 20 years ago)
    She answered something unintelligible and I got her to repeat it and tried to get her to spell it, at which she hung up.

    There is no way that I know to stop these calls. The callers do not respect and cannot be castigated by the Telephone Preference Service as they are outside the UK and the number is untraceable.

    I have put this down as a survey call as I doubt they get accident claim clients directly, but are compiling lists of 'soft' callers to sell on. Withhold your name if you see any unusual number, give them a polite but hard time and they will likely leave you off their list.

    Caller Name: not given
    Caller Type: Survey Call
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    Got Called from 91811 Indian accent "Hello accident help line" then went dead. Must be a scam to get you to call back.

    Caller Name: Accident Help Line
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    Missed call from 91811.    Birmingham uk.

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    It called, played a couple of seconds of music then disconnected.    I'll not phone back

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