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    I was at the Puyallup transit center waiting for the bus 402 to federal way when a phony security officer from pierce transit asked me to show my ID I did not her name was Ann witmore I noticed the car she was using the plate is not county it said go honey when a real pierce county police showed up she took off they left but could not find her. Pierce transit told me that four other complaints have been called in about this.

    Caller Name: 92466501
    Caller Type: SMS
    • Lulu  (Bainbridge Island, United States)  2015-07-11 11:24 pm#1

      I had the same thing but she sent me a text that she had my bus pass. I said to her I do not ride the bus I have a car.

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    Yes, this is a scam.    Do not accept text , invites of any kind!

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    Got 2 texts from kindfirez:

    you there?

    need to talk to you

    Caller Name: kindfirez
    Caller Type: SMS
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    Person claiming to be an active military person wanting me to cam/chat with them...

    Caller Name: 92466501
    Caller Type: SMS
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    got a his name thomas2000 ?

    Caller Name: thomas2000
    Caller Type: SMS
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    there was a guy who was using james ben on facebook and it is the same guy texting from this #

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    Same Here: I just received a text for the same number posing as a friend wishing me a happy fathers day and telling me how handsome they think I am.  I do not appreciate non-individual/spam text or calls and I would like them to stop.

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    Told me a yahoo user is trying to send me a text message and to hit reply when it comes.  Laura_87em: told me to come visit her at that she was timid and shy.

    Caller Type: SMS
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    I received a lot of txt message from this guy, I know his facebook page, and I know his yahoo e-mail address, and I'm pretty sure he is not an AMERICAN.he told me one day that he was in malaysia sick and he want me to send him money TO MALAYSIA 400dls..He said he was working in a Foundation in UK, I called to this fundation in UK and they don't know this guy. hopefully we can give all this info to AMERICAN AUTHORITIES to go after this HUGE SCAM..!!

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