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Orange, Pacific

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    Rec'd a call from this number 949-783-4700 at 10:48 this morning.    No message left.    The only company I've given my number to is H2O wireless prepaid (AT&T) to activate service.    No other company has my number. The only other possibility is PagePlus (Verizon) wanting me to add more money for minutes.    

    If this was a legitimate call, I should be able to return the call.    I tried and got a busy signal.    Glad I'm changing numbers soon!!!    I hate these calls and the low lives that work for them!    They stress everyone out!    Don't we have enough of that on our own???

    Caller Name: Who knows! AKA: Jerks
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    Got a call at 4:00AM (Yes, before dawn in the morning)!    When I answered, there was silence.    I stated, "Hello, who's calling?" and more silence was my answer.    I then said, "Identify yourself."    A moment of silence, then a hang-up sound.    I tried calling right back but got a busy signal (line busy not trunk-busy).

    In another forum, two people said the call they received from this same number was a legit call from Verizon. I have landline service from Verizon, but I have not had any service issues; besides, it is totally ILLegitimate to call a home telephone at 4:06AM and have only silence on the line.    The phone rang several times before I answered; it's not like an automated test equipment device called momentarily and then hung up.    This was a very unwelcome, harrassing call waking up my entire family at 4AM!

    Caller Name: none offered
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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