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Atlanta, MI
United States
Landline, 49709
Montmorency, Eastern
Verizon North Inc.-mi

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    I don't understand why this number keeps calling my phone

    Caller Name: I don't know
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    it's a group of crazy zionest that at this moment are moving on your vary location. they cut off pen-$es and whip the unfaithfull while forcing virgins to were chasity belt and shoot up tesiticle juice in ther veneans inbelife that the true one will be bessed by virgin birth by this method while they wait for the mohter ship that is sprialing towards there place and belive that the one with the sacred sperm can be found through technologic means that were inspired by space transmitions from the alien life that casued the massive technological advanements since the 1980 in computers. the first sighn of being qustioned of wheather you are the one is this mysterious phone number.

    • Guest  (Oklahoma City, United States)  2013-07-23 9:16 pm#1

      Get a life

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    it is a hevey voice that is lased with hypnoti subliminal messages to    control our minds and lead us off in to a horrible waste land were ravid mutant bagers mutated by the fall out of unreported radioactive spill thqat were otherwise classified as radiation experements some of which took place in the years of the clinton administration. we will be forced to walk through this in trance were the bagers will ignore un till the trance fade and then they will jump us. the last guy who fell for this though they say he was mad form radiation sickness and they say this was all a halucination excaped form them and wondered in to some sort of mutant hooker w:-re house were they had $ex with strange things with possibly up to six vaginas.

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    it is a group of hollywood cerial killing directors that plan to shoot a real life horror story by by stalking us lewring us in to a sweps stake then killing us and having $ex with the dead corpses before using russian miltary science that brought back the life of a dog (true story look it up on youtube) two hours after it's death and then enslaving us to make shoddy motionpictures with no meaning or point other than to numb the mind

    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    It someone who says we entered a sweepstakes!

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