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The Money Guidance Centre. They called yesterday from 01271 321500 but have previously called on numerous occasions from 01271 312090.

I've had no debt problems or ever given my number to these scheisters, so they don't know me or have permission to call my private mobile number. I've been receiving a constant stream of missed calls from them for weeks now, and their tactic is to never leave a message but just to keep ringing until you answer or call them back. I answered once but didn't speak, and heard the guy confirming his company name as The Money Guidance Centre before he eventually gave up and hung up.

Of course if you google the company name you'll see it doesn't exist and they aren't registered at Companies House, and the only search results you'll get for their name or phone numbers are on sites like this one!

If Offcom weren't such a useless organisation they'd have put a stop to shadey outfits like this one years ago and made it impossible for them to even get started as a business. But as it is, we end up paying taxes for Offcom to operate in addition to still having to put up with these constant phone pest annoyances.

Feel free to hide your number and then call The Money Guidance Centre back and silent call them or give them a piece of your mind as I have done as the only revenge I could easily find, but don't expect their calls to stop though.
Bill (Stokenchurch, United Kingdom) Apr 16 2014, 7:18 am Post
telephone rings    then caller rings off
mickyk (Dunbar, United Kingdom) Dec 27 2013, 7:02 pm Post