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The Company is New Look Coatings Limited
Not only are they very persistent, they pitch their price high and 'discover' that discounts are available in an effort to persuade you to buy their product.
They have recently been fined £10,000, plus costs of £4,500 following a case brought by the HSE for working unsafely on a roof and ignoring a prohibition notice!
Guest (Birmingham, United Kingdom) Oct 1 2012, 1:30 pm Post
Claimed to be from microsoft, said that they knew my computer had viruses and that it was running slow, asked me to go to my computer and they would talk me through the process, to put it right, I just hung up, hope they don't ring again or i might have to do a bit of time wasting on them
Chris (Lancaster, United Kingdom) Nov 8 2011, 12:31 am Post