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Caller did not leave message but found to be Vantage Motor group, Preston
E Walton (London, United Kingdom) Apr 25 2018, 12:25 pm Post
Get yourself a machine such as "Tru Call" that can record phone calls (and no it is NOT illegal as long as is personal and not business call I understand)    and when they call ask them "what will you do if I dont pay" .    I did that to one caller and he made intimated threats as to what would happen in threatening manner. I then said "hold on a sec" and played back what he had said to the debt collector.    You know what, I never ever heard from them again !!! Seriously.
Kia Fos (Belfast, United Kingdom) Jan 5 2015, 10:18 am Post
Is this Preston prison?
Guest (United Kingdom) Nov 13 2014, 3:54 pm Post
I solve it easier I just put on my reject list on mobile.they stop eventually.
guest (Basingstoke, United Kingdom) Oct 28 2014, 12:27 pm Post
The only thing they collect are personal details, bank included. It is a scam debt collector. Avoid.
guest (London, United Kingdom) Apr 16 2014, 5:41 pm Post
It is Preston prison
Guest (Leeds, United Kingdom) Apr 10 2014, 9:14 pm Post
These people are a debt recovery company using tactics that must be close to illegal. They are Akinika. ... ery-services%29

They pretend to be working on behalf of ebay or Paypal and say that somebody has tried to set up an ebay account using the callers details and if this is correct that they should contact the Police fraud department. They ask questions about how long you have lived there and what number in the street you live at. They also ask for ebay user ID. Unbelievable!

I am contacting ebay and Paypal to inform them of this abuse. I suggest you do the same and hopefully ebay will sue them.
AJ (Manchester, United Kingdom) Jan 3 2014, 12:13 pm Post
What company is this please as this number showed up on partners phone
Donna (United Kingdom) Oct 29 2013, 7:11 pm Post
Guest (Great Dunmow, United Kingdom) Oct 17 2013, 8:50 am Post
Got a silent call from 01772 333348, and yes plenty of beeps, and the the line then went silent for at least two, three minutes. I think its a scam company and shall be forwarding a complaint to the fps and ico.
Steve (Sheringham, United Kingdom) Oct 16 2013, 11:42 am Post
I used to have a number for BT to report nusciance fax calls, I was under the impression they had to call you first to as if they can send you a fax. They are a damn pain.
a&j plantwelding (Columbus, United States) Sep 3 2013, 4:07 pm Post
Ignore them, Tell them to delete the number from the data base, And if they don't you will sue them. Scares them:)
Matt (Grays, United Kingdom) Sep 2 2013, 7:18 pm Post
absolute nusiance, dont even have a fax machine here
jim (Kingswinford, United Kingdom) Aug 20 2013, 10:47 am Post
Just keeps ringing my mobile but when I answer no one speaks on the other end. I am not amused !!
Gail (Birmingham, United Kingdom) Jul 2 2013, 5:37 pm Post
I just whisper help a few times down the phone and they tend to hang up
Guest (New York, United States) Jun 21 2013, 5:01 pm Post
This is a debt collection company who use very dubious methods. DO NOT answer the call from 01772 765195 0r any other 01772 number if you can help it.

If you have a phone capable of barring the numbers - use it. This will allow the call to ring, then cancel the call with an engaged tone. Each time these idiots call they are connected and then disconnected - at a cost to themselves!
Hopefully they will learn.

DO NOT ENGAGE in conversation - it's what they want

REPORT EACH CALL to OfCom if possible and with any luck we can drive this company out of business. They are digital 'scum' and don't deserve to be in business. I feel very sorry for the people employed - they are being duped into a job role that causes huge concern to others.

Good 'negation' - rid the planet of this nuisance
Guest (Colchester, United Kingdom) Jun 20 2013, 2:49 pm Post
It is Preston prison
Guest (Blackpool, United Kingdom) May 18 2013, 10:26 pm Post
Keep getting calls from this number, saying they are trying to contact someone who doesn't live at this address. Their company is IQOR for ebay.
Guest (Bournemouth, United Kingdom) Apr 17 2013, 3:30 pm Post
debt collector budget car insurance cancelled policy so didnt renew    still being chased
annoyed (Leeds, United Kingdom) Mar 11 2013, 2:59 pm Post
This number persists in calling my number despite it being registered with the tps. they are clearly surfing for victims to make them rich
kumar (Manchester, United Kingdom) Mar 7 2013, 5:22 pm Post