Newest comments in Area Code 020

02034265000 you recieved a call ?! your personal number was added to a distributed list for purpose of an active line test and where possible    fraudulent sales & or other.
It is not a simple scam it is fraudulent and unsolisited Harassment.
Very stressful. For example I have epilepsy i rely on my phone and I would rather be enjoying other matters. What a way to earn your living look it's Even spawned Another industry and revenue stream
Pint of sasparilla (Manchester, United Kingdom) Feb 4 2019, 5:17 pm Post
Used usual trick with unknown numbers: if it's important they can leave a message on voicemail. No message left - and judging by the above, I can add this number to my contact list at TIME-WASTERS
Robmat (Oxford, United Kingdom) Jun 12 2018, 1:19 pm Post
It’s a legit number from TfL
Vasco (London, United Kingdom) May 15 2018, 1:12 pm Post
Recording asking about my "recent accident". Spam
Ellie (Cardiff, United Kingdom) Mar 8 2018, 2:06 pm Post
"Number not recognised"
Guest (United Kingdom) Mar 7 2018, 12:46 pm Post
Caller supposedly from B T. I have no dealings with BT.
Had lots of such calls.
Mo (London, United Kingdom) Mar 6 2018, 11:24 am Post
Same here, I never say anything when answering a unknown number, if it goes dead I know it’s a nuisance call
AA (Rotherham, United Kingdom) Mar 3 2018, 10:20 am Post
Got called by 0205 677 8812 at 09.24 on 28th Feb. 2018 - silence on the other end of the line, so I knew it was an automated dialling cold call centre, so put the phone down when I heard a man saying 'hello'.    Don't know what he wanted.
Bob (Surrey) (Leeds, United Kingdom) Feb 28 2018, 9:45 am Post
Mon 18th Dec 2017 - 12.25pm - Cambs
Guest (Keighley, United Kingdom) Dec 18 2017, 12:41 pm Post
I had calls from 020 numbers my phone says they are spam calls but i know i paying all my bills and have not debt
Guest (Southsea, United Kingdom) Oct 23 2017, 10:07 am Post
i called back as the caller left no message.    My call was answered with ' hello BE'
i would suggest that this is not a caller worth calling back and is likely to be PPI or Accidents claim organisation.    i am blocking the call.
annoyedbyprankcalls (London, United Kingdom) Sep 19 2017, 11:30 am Post
Someone ( with asian accent ) called me and after my question about origin of the call he said "[***] off" ! What's next ?
Andrew (Bradford, United Kingdom) Aug 22 2017, 3:15 pm Post
Keeps calling, saying it's not important. Doesn't give any clue as to what it's about, but is keen for reception to let us know she called.
Guest (5.179.76.*) May 11 2017, 9:29 am Post
Why took my money? £7.77
return my money!!!
anyone can help?
Yichen (China) Jul 11 2015, 12:39 am Post
Nobody there when I picked up
Andrew (Harrogate, United Kingdom) Jun 29 2015, 2:14 pm Post
I know this to be Moorfields Eye Hospital in London
Murf (Stockton-on-tees, United Kingdom) May 12 2015, 5:36 pm Post
Market Research company ORC International ( Conducting customer satisfaction and opinion surveys.
Anon (United Kingdom) Feb 25 2015, 5:50 pm Post
January 2015. Just had missed call from...02075700166...
when I ring it back it is a dead line. Does anyone know who this number belongs to?
Guest (Columbus, United States) Jan 29 2015, 10:20 am Post
I do not have any loans and credit, please return the money that you have removed from my account. I do not understand for what you collected twice for £ 18.88. Please cancel everything and returned my money £ 37.76 to my account
My bank statements for the number 02033070288 which sifting my money from the account. Please help stop this I know not what to do. thank you
spudinskiene@yahoo.c (Leicester, United Kingdom) Jan 24 2015, 5:57 pm Post
I'm getting this call about 5-10 times a day I've told them to stop but they just keep calling ,
Guest (United Kingdom) Dec 12 2014, 11:53 am Post