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'Hello it's chemist4u' - they deliver my prescriptions
Sophia (London, United Kingdom) Jan 23 2018, 4:16 pm Post
Calls constantly throughout the day , has got worse since I asked to be removed from phone list.     They said they were "Contact..."    indistinguishable company name. When challenged hung up. Now call every half hour. Pests. Reported to Ofcom.
Guest (46.208.140.*) Jun 27 2017, 7:10 pm Post
First message I got from them was "Good afternoon, just a reminder that the Rich Dad seminar @ The Marks Tey Hotel, Colchester will commence @6.30PM today. Please try to arrive 10 ins early to make time for registration. Please see email for directions to venue if need be. Any queries?call 020 8996 6700"
Second text was "R U free for casting for commercial tomorrow 10-12 in London? its unpaid but if chosen shoot will b beetween 18-22 jan, £1300. Txt back FLAG ASAP. James@CC"
third text: "free 7th Feb for Schweppes commercial filming in London? £90? Txt back SCHWEPPS by 6pm. Thanks. James@CC"
Fourth text: "U R Heavy Pencilled for Schweppes on 7th Feb. Production may b interested in upgrading u 2 walk on - if poss keep 5th free 4 fitting. Ill confirm ASAP. James@CC"
Fifth text: "RE: Schweppes - please keep 7th on heavy pencil or let me know any probs. If U R free 5th for fitting txt back FIFTH followed by YES/NO ASAP. Ta, James@CC"
Linda (United Kingdom) Jan 31 2014, 7:00 pm Post
apex buy a debt then harrass you
nothing they can do
any strange numbers you get dont answer them
google the number then block it
they will try dozens of numbers
never confirm your name or address
guest (176.24.234.*) Jul 15 2013, 7:45 am Post
Want to know who is he/she?
Chaitali (106.211.195.*) May 9 2013, 2:24 pm Post
Abusive and threatening calls made from this number
mike (Craven Arms, United Kingdom) May 3 2013, 12:38 pm Post
Normally I don't answer calls where I don't recognize the number.    This phone number has previously called me on several occasions but never leaves a message.    Yesterday, I had the misfortune to forgetfully answer my phone.    The caller from this number attempted to sell me land - it is a boiler room type operation as far as I am concerned. DO NOT fall for their sales patter unless you wish to be royally ripped off.    Do not provide any further details - i.e., they had my name somehow - probably from another despicable organization selling on my details WITHOUT my permission
Guest (Europe) Apr 24 2013, 11:05 pm Post
They keep calling despite our efforts to tel them we are not interested in the service they are trying to sell or provide us with. We have also told them we are registered with the telephone preference service but they keep calling back. We have also asked them to remove us from whatever calling list they are using.
David Richardson (Dursley, United Kingdom) Apr 24 2013, 10:54 am Post
Matt cardle's phone number
zora styles (Chlef, Algeria) Apr 23 2013, 2:24 pm Post
if anyone has had a problem with this number please reply to this thread.
Guest (Addlestone, United Kingdom) Apr 19 2013, 1:45 pm Post
do you know who this number is???
Guest (Addlestone, United Kingdom) Apr 19 2013, 1:44 pm Post
Shes f:-king brilliant x
asdaj (Bournemouth, United Kingdom) Apr 4 2013, 8:27 pm Post
Someone important who doesn't like having his number tracked
Guest (London, United Kingdom) Apr 2 2013, 6:14 pm Post
called me and asked for me by my surname and said it was Richmond Cars..concerning a car I had bought..i did not purchase a car and do not even drive...
guest (United Kingdom) Mar 12 2013, 4:40 pm Post
Wifey has had this call several times over the last couple of days. Said they could stop nuisance calls for £35.00. Has to be a scam as they said we had had lots of silent calls recently. How would they know that - just fishing!
mikeejones1 (Crewe, United Kingdom) Mar 7 2013, 5:37 pm Post
Another sad bunch of losers in a Call Centre with f-all better to do than annoy householders at any time of the day! Just take the call and say nothing. Leave them on hold until they eventually become aware that they are being ignored.
Richard the Third (Over, United Kingdom) Feb 22 2013, 11:51 am Post
just had a call from this number claiming to be from a company that stops you getting any more nuisance calls.
all sounded quite ok, until she asked for the one off payment of £35 to activate the service.....tps is supposed to be very aware of this caller, as they wanted to get my debit card details
Guest (Preston, United Kingdom) Jan 21 2013, 2:38 pm Post
same, called then hung up
Guest (Dunstable, United Kingdom) Jan 14 2013, 2:57 pm Post
Abusive persistent caller.    Police ref no P12371471
Guest (176.252.82.*) Dec 19 2012, 3:46 pm Post
They keep sending me annoying SMS messages regardless of whether I have opted out in the past...
Mike (London, United Kingdom) Nov 28 2012, 12:29 pm Post