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Can I no you wr r u from I'm dany
Dany (Saudi Arabia) Apr 20 2015, 8:29 pm Post
This number is legit and is just a company providing text services information to many companies.
Guest (United Kingdom) May 28 2014, 8:15 am Post
Just received a text from this number after making an online purchase of a Barbour jacket from Ashville Solutions Barbour on line Outlet Store. Text message sent with verification number for completion of payment process.
Checked 07781 470659 on Google and saw all the scam warning blogs with this number all over it.
BEWARE OF 07781 470659.
Guest (Ardrossan, United Kingdom) Feb 14 2014, 8:46 am Post
This is a scam do not pick up or reply to any texts. Run virus checks and spyware checks on your computer and other devices immediately. Also change your passwords on any accounts mentioned by the caller AFTER you've run your virus/spyware checks
t belly (Halifax, United Kingdom) Oct 7 2013, 10:24 pm Post
Same here: text message saying "How are you babe? xxx"
and they are now asking questions about me.

They claim to be a fitness instructor from Ireland ???
Meic (Mold, United Kingdom) Jul 22 2013, 11:13 am Post
why don't you just answer it?
joseph (Bracknell, United Kingdom) Apr 25 2013, 12:14 pm Post
Had this same kind of text several times from this number then started asking me some personal questions. When I didn't reply I got "?" several times. After fishing for info she told me that she's a bar manager at The Big House in Liverpool and previously said she works in a bar in Manchester, can't make her mind up, complete rubbish obviously. It's been going on a couple of weeks and don't know how to block this number. She's a very bored saddo!
Guest 2 (Wallasey, United Kingdom) Apr 21 2013, 9:50 am Post
Ive had the same problem...
Someone calling me with that number for past few days and everytime I call back line goes dead...Argh!
Im sure its cold calling.
guest (Glasgow, United Kingdom) Apr 18 2013, 9:06 am Post
The person from this number seems to know me?

The knew some details of who I was, strangely enough!

I wish I knew who it was.
Simone (United Kingdom) Apr 16 2013, 5:35 pm Post
I sent a tweet to my friend with my number included.
I then had a text off this number and have been very suspicious about it.
Their text was "Hey, how are you x
I text back saying "Who is this? I don't have this number saved in this phone sorry"
they text back "chris, 22, stroud, got your number from twitter x"
I asked why he had he text me and he replied saying why would I post it on twitter and I said I sent it to my friend to text.. not someone I don't know haha.
and the last I've heard is "Well sorry about that i admit i shouldn't have texted you. x"

I have read around a couple of sites and have seen that he has been saying this to a few people... very strange.
If you get a text from this person just make sure you tell him where to go.
Guest (Rochdale, United Kingdom) Apr 11 2013, 11:21 pm Post
I've been getting the same. One missed call and line is dead when I call back.
Maybe from putting my number on Gumtree to sell my car?
Guest (London, United Kingdom) Apr 10 2013, 5:50 am Post
you are mistaken this is incorrect and a private number
Guest (United Kingdom) Apr 9 2013, 5:47 pm Post
I received life threatening texts from that number :S
Guest (Cairo, Egypt) Apr 7 2013, 10:25 pm Post
I'm getting the same thing. Dirty messages. Terrible. I'm going to report this number.
Joe (Craigavon, United Kingdom) Mar 29 2013, 2:07 pm Post
Well, in my case I didn't even book an appointment and I still got the 'reminder'. I don't even know where that dentist is
Guest (Canterbury, United Kingdom) Mar 25 2013, 10:18 pm Post
silent call from this number, having lots of calls from mobiles lately, and one of the companies are called fresh start.    I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A LOAN, OR HAVE LOOKED FOR A LOAN.    Call someone who has.
Guest (5.68.118.*) Mar 22 2013, 10:38 am Post
recieving prank text messages from this number in Switzerland
Guest (Full, Switzerland) Mar 15 2013, 11:25 am Post
called asking for my details.. said the same as person above and was sworn at... lovely company.. and no idea why theyre still calling leeches
shivs (United Kingdom) Mar 5 2013, 2:05 pm Post
Caller claimed he was from a 'green energy company' and that he could help say on energy bills
simon (Swansea, United Kingdom) Feb 20 2013, 7:45 pm Post
Seems to be doubletake photo company as just had a text but don't want to text them back incase it's a scam
Guest (United Kingdom) Feb 20 2013, 2:13 pm Post