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I am the owner and we are Perfectly safe and anyone wanting references just ask. Lots of false negative reviews left against us in the last 8 months or so and none of them from anyone ever having bought from us but we are always happy to substantiate anything we offer. Feel free to ring and speak with me directly if you have a business query.

Sites like this dont generally help and anyone can leave fake reviews in minutes and they then charge to have reviews removed. But there you go. A quick phone call can alleviate any concerns or a meet in person.
Nathan (Weymouth, United Kingdom) Apr 1 2018, 5:12 am Post
Two county court judgements filed in the last week! Lots more on the way.
Guest (Italy) Nov 4 2017, 12:17 am Post
Phone number 07875226836
Name Nathan Alan coombe
Linked reports Jordan James Snell
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Active company sterling businesses ltd
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07875226836 (Abbots Langley, United Kingdom) Oct 10 2017, 2:19 pm Post
If you have a cell phone and use Gmail, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Twitter and the websites of banks and countless other web services, you are at risk of being hacked, having your money stolen, having sensitive information exposed and being blackmailed.

With just your phone number and a little bit of what’s called “social engineering” in which a hacker doesn’t necessarily need technical knowledge but just to convince a customer service rep that they are you, a maliciously intentioned person can break into all the above accounts and more.
Telecoms (United Kingdom) Sep 23 2017, 9:55 pm Post
Familiar voice from other evening, nuisance calls for double glazing & cavity wall .
Ignores TPS do-not-call list.
Won't even say what company is calling before you answer his questions            Bl....y Ch..k!
anon (Manchester, United Kingdom) Jun 16 2014, 9:19 pm Post
SMS txt pushing UK Government    solar panel schemes.
Guest (Liverpool, United Kingdom) Jun 4 2014, 2:03 pm Post
he how are u I whont this plase
Guest (Macclesfield, United Kingdom) May 4 2014, 4:10 pm Post
the caller said he was t-mobile uk number ,,,    selling new contracts
andrew (Toronto, Canada) Jan 15 2014, 5:28 pm Post
I don't know who this is
clair (United Kingdom) Jan 3 2014, 10:51 am Post
I've just had a call from this number - rang once then cut off so agree it's a nuisance
Terry (Northleach, United Kingdom) Nov 15 2013, 12:25 pm Post
how do we stop this?
D (Preston, United Kingdom) Aug 14 2013, 12:37 pm Post
It's calling me too but when I'm ringing back it says number not recognised.
Hayley (United Kingdom) Aug 13 2013, 7:25 pm Post
called us 3 times today already
Guest (United Kingdom) Aug 7 2013, 1:15 pm Post
They keep calling us and when we answer it says that the number doesn't even exist how can that be when they just called they called us about 51 times it really angers me
Guest (United Kingdom) Aug 7 2013, 12:00 pm Post
i have been receiving texts from this number for nearly six months on a daily basis. telling me i have a bathroom order about to be delivered. and then another one to say it will be delivered by night frieght.

kevin (La Dfense, France) Jul 8 2013, 11:37 am Post
keeps calling using a child to talk not v nice
connormcgirr@hotmail (United Kingdom) May 13 2013, 5:49 pm Post
Automated text trying to get me to either opt out - by reply STOP, thereforfe confirming my number is a live number....
ANnnoyed (London, United Kingdom) Apr 25 2013, 3:10 pm Post

Answered but no-one connected, silent call!

Ring back this number and is says "number not recognised" ... Ridiculously annoying!!! :-(((
Jock (151.225.20.*) Apr 25 2013, 10:50 am Post
Caravan movers we have used them and are very good
Ian (United Kingdom) Apr 24 2013, 9:48 pm Post
I got phone call from this 07814438797 he asking some one name but I am not that person so I just cut off the phone
Rajesh (2.223.55.*) Apr 17 2013, 2:52 pm Post