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Just received and not happy
Mike (United Kingdom) Sep 10 2014, 4:26 pm Post
dont answer its a scam
Guest (Crawley, United Kingdom) Oct 11 2013, 7:37 am Post
Affinion International is the ppl that own this number, they are telemarketers trying to push car them to the TPS they call at all hours and over and over
cheyenne (Southampton, United Kingdom) Apr 8 2013, 1:45 pm Post
I think this must be forced call dialling because when I answer there is no one immediately on the line. When I realise this I always hang up. Thanks for letting me know it is Vodaphone. I shall keep ignoring them!
David (Bristol, United Kingdom) Feb 19 2013, 4:57 pm Post
This number has called me twice in the past few days. Not sure who it is yet. No doubt they will keep trying and I'll have the pleasure in speaking to them soon :o(
Cybermush (Harrogate, United Kingdom) Feb 14 2013, 10:42 am Post
I've sent stop twice but still have this stupid messages.
Anthony (London, United Kingdom) Jan 31 2013, 8:17 pm Post
trying to get me in and pay him 299$ for their support as    i had a dialup connection
Jenny (Mumbai, India) Nov 27 2012, 10:05 am Post
this caller has out of date information
ARSED (Basingstoke, United Kingdom) Nov 21 2012, 8:39 pm Post
Keeps calling when I answer hangs up
Russ (London, United Kingdom) Nov 21 2012, 9:54 am Post
Keeps calling when I answer hangs up
Russ (London, United Kingdom) Nov 21 2012, 9:54 am Post
Who's number is this
Guest (United Kingdom) Nov 19 2012, 12:56 pm Post
This is a customer services number for the uk. It is deffo for Zynga games. Possibly other companies too
gRAHAM (Doncaster, United Kingdom) Jun 30 2012, 11:12 am Post
Yes, I think it is a scam. I had a call today, 18/05/2012, strong Asian accent, said my computer was infected and if I followed their steps and used their 6 digit code number with '' procedure their technicians would eliminate the threat. I checked 'support me' on Google on my tablet, meanwhile, and several websites warned of fraud.    I immediately discontinued and shut down my computer. The fact that they had this 08081890115 telephone number fooled me into thinking they were genuine, initially.
Archerfish (United Kingdom) May 18 2012, 3:30 pm Post
Arjuna Internet Security, Calcutta
If this company calls you please hang up.    They are cold calling people claiming that they can fix their PC as it is running slowly.    They ask for remote access to your PC and claim to fix the slowness then demand credit card details for payment.

Stay well clear this is a scam. No cooling off period allowed.
Guest (London, United Kingdom) May 15 2012, 5:33 pm Post
we now allow crooks into our homes and help them to rob us,wot ever happened to english backbone.
sicklife (Farnborough, United Kingdom) May 14 2012, 11:33 am Post
Go to Tormenting telescammers on your computer.Have agooood laugh and try out what you ve learnt on the next scam monger.They wont ring you back
eugenescambuster (United Kingdom) Mar 22 2012, 12:06 pm Post
Same here, called Vodafone to request my pac - was put through to retentions dept, to whom I stated my reasons for leaving (alleged tax avoidance/ increasingly bad value compared to competition)...and they are now calling me circa 5 x per day. Wish they would get over it.
Guest (London, United Kingdom) Mar 22 2012, 12:01 pm Post
Hi requested my PAC number from Vodafone now getting calls from them. Have left them but am still waiting for them to text me PAC number. Not surprised having read this thread.
Guest (United Kingdom) Mar 5 2012, 2:06 pm Post
I cancelled my contract last week, agreed with the guy on the phone that Vodafone could not match the new deal I had found, he gave me my PAC and that was the end of it as far as I was concerned. I don't get why the retentions dept are trying to call me, there's nothing to discuss!
MrsWheelie (Crawley, United Kingdom) Mar 5 2012, 11:51 am Post
I have had a call from this number today too... At first I thought he said he was from PC world & wanted to check my PC for virus, so I went along with it. After a 30 min phone call & allowing them remote access to my files I was advised I needed to buy antivirus software from them at £150. I told them I didn't have that kind of money & was faced with a really pushy sales pitch about how my PC was in a 'pathetic' state & could break at any time. Eventually I got fed up with the agressive sales technique, so I hung up. About 2 min later the same man called me back again offering me the same product this time at £29.99!!!!! I again said I wasn't interested and he kept saying things like 'So you're just going to let your PC break'. This time I asked them to go away & not to call me back and I havn't heard anything since... This was not PC world, it was PC Wizard... Shocking!!!!
Claire (Manchester, United Kingdom) Jan 30 2012, 7:11 pm Post