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SCAM ALERT!!!! Person said they were from Windows technical department and they received al;ertts that saomeone has accessed my computer. He proceeded to ask me to type some things into the computer so he could help me resolve thye problems. I hung up and called back. No Answer
Frank (Tampa, United States) Nov 30 2015, 5:31 pm Post
Message said follow up to letter sent in mail raising my interest. Press 9 for more details. 25 minutes on hold so far, dishes are done and had enough time to google phone# to find out it's a scam. I had just renegotiated my mortgage 2 weeks ago, so I thought it was legit. I'm all for cutting off all the fingers of these scammers. the National Do Not Call list is a joke! Let's make it illegal for phone companies to rent them phone #'s. If the phone companies could lose their right to operate, I'm sure they would do their due diligence to insure these scammers don't have access to a phone. Problem solved!
Drew (Canada) Mar 12 2012, 6:32 pm Post