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I answered an ad for Medical Records.    I spoke with John Templer and informed me that I could earn between $15 -$17 an hour.    He did not say exactly what would I be doing but said that my typing speed would be beneficial for more money.    However he lead me to believe that I would be doing medical billing, which was a change from the newspaper ad for Medical Records.    He said that was a misprint.    I thought this was a red flag blowing in my face.    As I said I would be interested, he said I needed to mail my cashier's check to Bakers Field in California.    I told him that Bakers Field was one word but he was insistent that it was two.    So I Googled the address in Bakers Field, which came back as Bakersfield - another red flag.    The rest is history.    Janet from Massachusetts
Guest (Mashpee, United States) Mar 9 2013, 5:00 pm Post
Pretty much everything I feel about this number is the same as Jennifer experienced.    A lot of red flags during my conversation with John.    The name of the company he gave me to send the check to was "Providence Medical Service" at an address in Bakersfield, CA.    I was a bit skeptical because he said they would email the patient list each monday to be processed and you would get paid for your work by direct deposit the following wednesday.    In the ad it stated you could make up to $15.00 per hour, yet on the phone he told me becuase of my "typing speed" I would probably start out at $16/hr and go up from there.    I happened to be driving when he called so he called back to my phone to leave the instructions.    I thought it was strange that for such a computer based company that they wouldn't ask for my email or any other information.    Naturally, I googled the phone numbers, name of the "company" and it led me here.
April (Rochester, United States) Mar 2 2013, 2:52 pm Post
The ad posted is coast to coast in all papers and on your site. The ad states the company has a clerical position available paying $15.00 for a busy local doctor’s office. The contact number is 8552241270. The man that I spoke with was named John Templeton and he stated he was based out of Hartford, Connecticut. The company called Providence Home Medical. This company is for software SUPPOSEDLY to be used for remote billing and coding to be purchased for $199.00 then you the employee would be paid $5.00-$8.00 depending on the length of the claim. I had Googled this number ending in 1270 and came up with a few bad reviews. When I spoke Mr. Templeton for the second time, I asked about the software used and what the technical support number, which he gave me as 8553576311. As I had Mr. Templeton (he called me back from 4752019014) on the phone I also looked that number up and no software company or any company for that matter was associated with the number ending in 6311. After stating I had read some bad reviews and he HUNG up on me. SCAM!!!
Jennifer (Lafayette, United States) Feb 22 2013, 4:23 am Post
No idea what this call was about
Guest (Lafayette, United States) Nov 23 2012, 1:32 pm Post