Newest comments in Area Code 613

They are scammers improvising the godaddy support. Be aware, these piece of $h!t minds think they can lure clever people. Be clever and hang up on those.
Burak (East Islip, United States) Mar 22 2017, 8:24 pm Post
I recently bought a domain from GoDaddy's site and now get all sorts of solicitor by phone 613-699-8008 and text# 2125984625    it's some web building g company and its Bs I'm pretty sure it said they don't sell your info all the hippa crap well huh I guess they do so don't answer it the text says last hour to buy a Animated business video for $399.00 click to activate ?So kinda scary to think they may have my CC info and if I clicked they would charge me for something I don't know what it is or want I plan to call GoDaddy and b:-tch at them for this happening I'm sure they will deny it but will see what happens the last call I answered from 613 number they hung up on me and that p-$ses me off so plan to call back tomorrow and screw with them like act like I will be interested and make them start the process then say fuk off! It's a SCAM don't be fooled
Mark (Glendale, United States) Feb 28 2017, 4:26 am Post
yup Steve lies lots total scammer
Maggie (Hamilton, Canada) Feb 15 2017, 10:30 pm Post
Steven is a lying piece of $h!t probably affiliated with these scammers. Claiming to be Microsoft Technical Support.
Guest (Sudbury, Canada) Jan 24 2017, 12:36 am Post
they called me today Easter Sunday and they left no message .
lizzie (Lake Mary, United States) Mar 27 2016, 10:22 pm Post
Repeated calls on my cell AND home phones from this number. NOT answering.    Tired of solicitations!
Louise (Newmarket, Canada) Feb 23 2015, 3:56 am Post
MBNA MasterCard.....collections department.    I made regular payments and yet every cent well above the minimum went to interest.    They steadily increased the interest from 12 percent to 29 percent over the last few years.    I told them I was going to go bankrupt if they continued to harass me.    I took money from my sister and settled for 40 cents on the dollar.    Finally after two years of harassment they have gone away.    Now if I can get Revenue Canada off my a$$ for money they went back 7 years on and supposedly did an audit and yet I have been retired for 10 years and only have CPP & OAS not sure where they think that money will come from?     This one I will go bankrupt for.........screw those leaches.
Angry Canuck (108.162.88.*) Feb 13 2015, 2:17 am Post
CAREFUL - might be legit or a scam.    This is apparently a phone in a reception area at the Ottawa Civic Hospital.    You might be getting a call from the hospital or a patient there, but it sounds like it could also be a scammer use the phone to try to grab your name address, mother's surname, etc.    With enough info they can steal your id or get money from your bank.
From Canada (Victoria, Canada) Jul 11 2014, 5:02 pm Post
Calls to toll-free area codes 1-888 and 1-800 from Bell mobile telephones in Kingston, Ontario are displaying this on caller ID instead of the caller's actual number. (Calls to newer toll-free area codes like 1-844 and 1-855 get a different fake number on an Ottawa exchange).

Odds are, it's a mobile telephone calling... but which one? Dunno.
carlb (192.95.134.*) May 28 2014, 10:09 pm Post
Report them to the CRTC
Guest (Toronto, Canada) Apr 20 2014, 12:12 am Post
This number called me 3 times and hung up each time I answered. When I called the number back I got a recording saying "This Number does not accept in-coming calls." What a bunch of losers!

People everywhere need to realise that ALL ROBO CALLS ARE SCAMS!!! Stop buying their BS and they will stop selling it!
Mr. Robbins (Calgary, Canada) Jan 29 2014, 10:00 pm Post
Got a phone message about an appt. at the civic hospital no details except where to show up. Location didn't make sense, not to mention I don't have any pending appointments. Very strange call. They even used my name. Idiots!!
Guest (Gloucester, Canada) Aug 3 2013, 12:24 am Post
Today i got a call from this same number and they were asking for my date of birth and they are claiming as CRA (canada revenue).    I don't think CRA will call and verify date of birth.    They have all information of ours.    In any situation they want to know any details, they can send a mail/letter.    This could be a fraud.
abhi (Bryn Mawr, United States) Jul 16 2013, 4:12 pm Post
No one @ the other end
Guest (Sarnia, Canada) May 16 2013, 3:54 pm Post
This is a fax machine. Called three times to my home phone, all between 5 and 6 a.m. est. We have no fax machine. We are also on the National Do Not Call Registry. I read from another site that it is a scam for money. (Something about someone with cancer in Dubai wanting to send $18M to you.) I cannot verify this because I do not have a fax machine, but very annoying, and I want it to stop.
Mark (Valrico, United States) May 1 2013, 10:23 am Post
The idiots constantly faxing from 613-248-3733 address is 255 kent st ottawa Ontario acording to google maps
anon (Redwood City, United States) Apr 24 2013, 10:26 pm Post
Just got 19 back to back calls from this fax machine in less than 10 minutes.    Dear auto-dialer... STOP HARASSING MY WORKPLACE
Cassie (San Marcos, United States) Apr 8 2013, 10:36 pm Post
called and did not leave any message
Guest (London, Canada) Apr 8 2013, 7:43 pm Post
Someone from this number, 613-248-3733, calls twice each morning - the first call is usually about 9:45 AM, and then again at about 10:00 AM.    If you answer, there is no one there.    If you call back, you get a message that this is no longer a working number.
aradle (Humble, United States) Apr 3 2013, 5:23 pm Post
again, this number called me. when i called it back, the recording said it was a disconnected number. how can that be?
peggy tyson (Livingston, United States) Mar 19 2013, 2:34 pm Post