Newest comments in Area Code 659

This 659-686-0000 call from T-Mobile customer service to work out roaming charge issues.    This call cost me $34, which T-Mobile would not initially reverse.
The original problem is that we requested international roaming and text.    T-mobile was unable to provide this service with 2 weeks notice, they even blamed Singapore Telecon (SingTel) which offers more advanced service than T-Mobile.
When I talked with T-Mobile customer service they even denied that this number is theirs.
rich6849 (Concord, United States) Mar 30 2012, 6:11 pm Post
I have been charged from 6592324290 as well! This is a living hell ! I suspect that it comes from a McAfee Internet Security trial. I registered, selected some buddies, then I wanted to know where McAfee will find my phone if I ''accidentally'' lose it at home (it didn't!), I clicked on Track my phone now while on my account, and now I have not only one, but 15 sms-s sent to 6592324290 without my knowledge. I uninstalled it and the problem disappeared, but I still have to pay for them...
Gillian (Sofia, Bulgaria) Dec 13 2011, 7:44 pm Post