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Received the same call in Atlanta, GA @ 6:11 AM on 041214. My conclusion is that 'they' are trying to find out if this is a working number. Possibly thereafter gathering more information on-line of from our phone providers, in order to build a profile that appears legitimate and IMO will ultimately be used for ID theft, fraud and other illegal activities.

The main issue is that all these hackers hide behind cyberspace and that they are hard to catch. Secondly, the punishment does not fit the crime(s) that are committed against you and I. Disrupting all our lives, stealing, and other lewd activities need to be dealt with in a much harsher way. 10 or 20 years in prison or hard labor. This is not 'just' stealing a password, this is life altering for you and me. We need to do something about it!
DG (Atlanta, United States) Apr 12 2014, 1:28 pm Post
I have received over 8 text messages from this number within the last 2 hours today.    Text message is series of symbols, letters and numbers:    //BREW:0X109E17e.0//, etc.    
This happened approx. 3 weeks also then stopped until today.    I tried to reply "Stop" but did not work -- I then replied "I will find out who you are and I will press criminal charges" and since that reply, I have received 3 more messages within 5 minutes.
Janet (United States) Oct 4 2013, 2:25 am Post
Avoid at all costs! The caller is pretending to be one of customer service reps from Microsoft. They would say like "We have discovered virus in your computer via your internet service provider."    In reality, there is no virus on your computer at all.

They might have your personal information: your name, your home address and your email address. If the caller was lucky enough, probably have your Microsoft product key for either Window 7 or 8.

You would easily fall for the trick and let the caller gain the access to your computer remotely. The caller would install a rogue program that is completely infected with virus. The caller would run different things on your computer such as destroying your firewall and other tools to use. The caller would probably demand money to "remove" virus from your computer. Let's say 200 dollars or even higher.

That's how people behind this number are able to make money by extorting victims daily. I'm suspecting that this scheme is currently operating by an illegal call center in India.
Your Name (Irvington, United States) Aug 2 2013, 12:43 am Post
Received a call from this number at 4:05am on Friday 19 April.    Was just a recording saying my request to have my number removed will be honoured.    WTF.    It's a work land line.
growlies (Washington, United States) Apr 21 2013, 1:07 pm Post
Message on my work landline.."your request to have your number removed from our list will be honored" ...sure
Maui2soon (Buffalo, United States) Apr 18 2013, 3:26 pm Post
got call from this number. nobody on the other end.
sue (Encino, United States) Apr 16 2013, 1:53 pm Post
Recived a phone call at work on 4/10/2013 2:25 PM EST.    I said "Hello", which was followed by a loud beep, so I hung up.    After reading different posts about this number, I'm glad I did.
Ray (Corning, United States) Apr 10 2013, 6:31 pm Post
I have been getting phone calls from a person with an Indian accent asking if i have diabetes. Sometimes a male, sometimes a female, but always an Indian accent.
At first i kind of thought it was funny, but then it continued to up to calls twice a week.
Ive screamed at them to stop calling me, take me off their phone list, etc. i have even told them i was going to call the police and i did. I filed a report.
This is driving me insane! Is it happening to anyone else??
Audrey (United States) Apr 3 2013, 12:52 am Post
I've been getting calls from this number too; every hour on the half hour...It goes on and on, ALL DAY LONG!    I have no idea who it is or why they are calling but I have 3 children under 3 and it's really getting to me!    I've had to put my phone on silent and check it every now and then to see if I'm getting any real calls.    Super annoying!
Guest (Maiden, United States) Jan 11 2013, 5:42 pm Post
Its a scam! They called me saying they were microsoft    and they would help get rid of the virus on my windows.    I am on mac!
chachnaq (Ottawa, Canada) Jul 4 2011, 5:10 pm Post