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received 8 calls from this company so far today... female said her name was Jan (heavy arabic accent), another female Kim (heavy arabic accent), and the rest were a male sounded like same one each time (heavy arabic accent) said they were from Customer offers and other names (1/3 of the calls would hang up after i said hello 5xs some one would say hello then hang up or it would just hang up on me).... calls started from 8 am got calls from same company from other numbers.. total calls from this company from all the numbers they called me from 32 so far... they keep telling me they will remove my number.. but as soon as i hang up with one rep they call me from one of the other numbers with in 5 minutes calls stop for about half an hour then same numbers keep calling me back.. sick of these calls..when they call they keep offering me info to go back to school or loans... i dont do any of this stuff on line have 4 great colleges in my area and lots of local banks if i was going to do any of this stuff...
Diana (United States) Oct 30 2012, 1:29 am Post