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Very late response to this...but in case anyone googles and comes across this site.

The number you are being called from is a scam organisation working out of India. The use basic social engineering skills to illicit information from you before carrying out "support work" on your PC.

The websites they generally direct you to are: and

These are both fronts for receiving information on you and in particular credit card details to pay for their services.

While the remote into your machine they begin to download a variety of applications, probably none of which they actually explain to you. The purpose of which is also extremely dubious.

The callers are generally very polite and will mention that they are working on BEHALF of Microsoft. This is nonsense. Microsoft will NOT call you looking for information or to tell you that you are having performance issues - how would they know.

If you have been caught out by these people - don't beat yourself up about it, it's happened to a number of people already. First things first;

- Take your PC offline
- Phone your credit card company to report the fraud and cancel the transaction
- Change any online banking passwords you may have via a phone call to your bank/credit card company

- Contact a friend of family member who can assist in doing a restore back to a previous save point (if you're running windows XP, vista or 7)

I'm passing this information on as hopefully a warning to others, and for some quick steps that can be taken to mitigate the problem.

I hope it helps.

KThomas (Waterlooville, United Kingdom) Jan 11 2012, 9:00 pm Post