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They call from time to time.    This time they started calling at 7:00 A. M.!    Coincidentally, this was the first time in years I had slept straight through the night, so I was really angry and yelled at them.    They continued calling until I answered and repeatedly said "hello?"    over and over like I couldn't hear them.    The guy finally said "are you kidding me, ma'm?" and then finally hung up.    This phone number only showed up the first time, when a female called, after that it was "unavailable" and "unknown number".    If they call back, I plan to blow a really loud whistle in the phone.    What jerks.    Like I am really so dumb that I am going to believe that the technical department of Windows is going to call me?
Caller: Technical Dep't of WIndows
Carolyn (Parsons, United States) Apr 22 2014, 2:06 pm Post