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Bought some batteries from this company and they do not even hold a charge.Found out from a battery dealer these are not made for scooters but are alarm batteries.This guy at Cit-E-Cycles is a con man and a rip off artist.Sold me cheap batteries and will not return them.On top of that he called me a cheap a$$ Hindu and told me to go back to India.Also said I stink of curry,what the hell.I will never send any people to this pos.Mark Moore your a bad man and a con man.
Spread the word around this is a warning to all stay away from Cit-E-Cycles Whalley.

I hope karma bites you back 10 fold.Thanks for reading my warning Harjit Gill.
Harjit (Chilliwack, Canada) Feb 12 2014, 5:58 pm Post
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