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posted my motorbike on tradingpost last night...hour or so later got a txt msg asking if bike was still for sale and to send email to
replied by txt straight away stating it was still for sale.
later that night they sent me another txt msg saying to send email.
i did.    they then sent me an email telling me they are buying item and want me to send payment request via paypal. And once i recieved payment they're shipping agent will pickup bike.
I replied asking if they required reg and rwc and when they would pay.
The more i think about it...the more suspicious i become.    Hence i googled the phone number that sent txt msg and ended up here!!!
I have also sent paypal an email...thier website says to send suspect emails to
i'm guessing they will get back to me!?!?!?
DB (Melbourne, Australia) Jan 24 2012, 11:37 pm Post
Im in th Uk. missed call from this number 29.09.2011
Guest (London, United Kingdom) Sep 29 2011, 11:56 am Post